Our Servant Leaders

Our church leaders are passionate about mission within our church and work hard to ensure we are serving God in accordance with our purpose.

Rev. Mark Greenlees | Lead Pastor (Minister of the Word)

Mark has been in ministry in one form or another for over 30 years - first as a youth worker, then in running a Christian bookstore and then, when there was no where left to run, in ordained ministry.

In between those experiences he worked in the automotive industry and as one of the first employed high school SRE teachers in NSW.

Mark has been married to Robyn for 42 years, and together they have a history of planting new congregations and new expressions of God's community, and continue to have a desire to see the church renewed and revitalised to be the mission force God longs for us to be.

Mark and Robyn are blessed to have three wonderful children, their partners, four (with another on the way) grandchildren, who help keep us "young".

"For us ministry and mission is a privileged calling. We usually receive far more from those we are blessed to work alongside than anything we might possibly give."

At the very heart of Mark's ministry is a desire to see healthy, vibrant, Christ-centred local churches gathering in as many ways, places and times as possible. The church is called to be an irresistible presence, always seeking ways to bring life and health into our communities.

Email Mark: mark@apuc.org.au

Will Ma'umalanga | Student Pastor

My name is Viliami Ma'umalanga, but most of you will know me as Will, Viliami is actually the Tongan name for William. I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Both my parents were born in Tonga. I am the second oldest child in my family. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I came to Australia in 2003 when I was 14 years old. My father is actually a current minister at Wesley Mission, where he has been serving there for 4 years now. His name is Rev Kamaloni Tui'ono and my mother is a Registered Nurse at Auburn hospital and her name is Mele Tui'ono.

Prior to being called to Wesley Mission, my father served at Sutherland Unting Church for 10years. This is where I met my wife Emily. We got married last year in February. And this year we will be welcoming our first child in early October. We currently live in Helensburgh, being a minister kid, me and Emily worked out I've lived in 12 different houses in my life time.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Theology but prior to going into candidacy at the church I completed a Bachelor of Commerce and also began a Bachelor of Nursing.

I am currently an intermediate candidate for Minister of the Word. Began this process 3 years ago. Prior to coming to Albion Park & Shellharbour Village I was serving at Newington College.

Emily is actually Robyn's niece so I have had the great privilege of knowing Rev. Mark and his family for years.

At Sutherland Uniting Church, I was the youth leader. And it was here where I discovered some of gifts and calling into Ministry. If I'm honest, I knew God had been calling me for years. But I would often pray that his calling would pass over me, maybe to another sibling. My Grandfather was a minister, and my father was a minister and I had hoped that maybe God would call someone else. One of the reasons I began my nursing degree was to hopefully go and do mission trips around the world. Which I felt was noble, but I also knew God call us differently and the gifting he gives us, is a gifting to a certain ministry. After years of discernment and praying I decided it was time to accept God’s call. So, I began my discernment period in 2018 and did that for 2 years, before finally going through the formal process to become a candidate. Throughout this journey I have felt the importance of being in relationship with God. Understanding that the body is created in a way that each part plays an important role within the body. I have seen God work miracles in my life and in the life of others. This passion to encourage others to find there own calling in God, excites me to see what God is doing in others and also see how each can contribute to the body of Christ in their own unique way.

Proverbs 16:9: In their hearts man plans their course, but the Lord establishes the steps.

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