GAW Series

Idolatry is the number one issue in the Bible. More than fifty of the laws in the first five books of the Bible are aimed at the issue of idolatry. In all of Judaism, it was one of only four sins to which the death penalty was attached.

As we look at life through this lens, here’s what becomes clear:

  • There is a war going on. (see Ephesians 6:12)
  • The gods are at war, and their strength is not to be underestimated.
  • These gods clash for the throne of your heart, and much is at stake.
  • Everything about me, everything I do, every relationship I have, everything I hope or dream or wish to become, depends upon what god wins the war.

Week 1: War

Sunday 27th October 2019

Week 1 - War.pdf

Week 2: Pleasure

Sunday 3rd November 2019

Week 3: Love

Sunday 10th November 2019

Week 4: Money

Sunday 17th November 2019

Week 5: Success

Sunday 24th November 2019

Week 6: Me

Sunday 1st December 2019